Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe / Gajrella Recipe

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe or Gajrella


  • 1 Kg Carrots grated
  • 3 ltr of Skimmed Milk
  • 1½ cup of Sugar
  • ½ can of Sweetend Condensed Milk
  • 5-6 green Cardamon (whole)
  • ½ cup of Almonds sliced
  • ½ cup of Cashew nuts chopped
  • 2 TableSpoon of Milk Powder
  • ½ cup of Golden Raisins

Preparation Method

  1. In a non stick, heavy based, wide pan add milk.
  2. Bring the milk to boil and reduce for simmering for about 30 minutes on medium heat.
  3. Keep on stirring the milk and scraping the sides of the pan to avoid scalding.
  4. Add the cardamoms and milk powder and stir well.
  5. Add the carrots and continue cooking until all the milk is absorbed and the mixture begins to look dry.
  6. Now add the sugar and condensed milk very slowly. Add ¼ and then stir it good and then keep on adding rest of it.
  7. Cook it well till it dissolves and the mixture look dry again.
  8. Add the almonds and cashew nuts and golden raisins and turn of the gas. Close the lid and let it cool down for 5 minutes.
  9. Serve warm gajrela to your family.  Carrots are very good source of Vitamin C and A which is very good for eyes and growth of children.

Nariyal halwa