Halwa Recipes

Halwa is an arabic word, pronounced hull-waa comes from the root word Hilwa which means sweet. Halwa Recipes It is therefore used in connection with most sweets, desserts or candy. In India though, the word Halwa is used to describe certain sweets with the consistency of a thick pudding. They are usually rich and loaded with dried fruits and nuts. Halwas are decadent and guaranteed to satisfy the pickiest of dessert eaters.

Halwa is a traditional sweet dish made in India and many other countries. Some of the famous halwas from India include Suji ka halwa, Gajar ka halwa, Badaam ka halwa, Gauva halwa, Zafrani Sooji ka halwa, Lauki ka halwa, Badaami Moong Daal Halwa, Khopray ka halwa, Doodhi halwa, Asoka halwa, Beetroot halwa and Pumpkin halwa.

Sooji Halwa is a very popular sweet dish all over India and is made on religious occasions, as parsad (Offering to God). After prayer Halwa is served to devotees as a blessing.