Microwave Recipes

Everyone has a shortage of time in these days. A microwave Microwave Recipes helps you to save time in Cooking. You can cook a variety of dishes in minutes and spend more time on leisure or work or with family. Cooked food in microwave, is low-cal, clean and efficient. Curries can be cooked in the microwave on a Roast or Simmer setting (medium / high) and the meat is cooked slowly.

The advantage of a Microwave Cooking is that it is a clean and efficient way to cook and you can serve it in the same bowl you cooked it in! Our Microwave Recipes Section contains a number of easy to make microwave recipes. Microwave food is very nutritious. More vitamins and minerals are retained with microwave cooking than with many other methods of cooking. Here is some wonderful collection of recipes that can be made using a microwave.