Punjabi Recipes

Vrat or Upavas means Fasting. Hinduism is often described as a religion of fasts, feasts and festivals. Fasting is a Hindu tradition to please Gods & Goddesses, by controlling and curbing one's desires.Vrat Recipes On vrat day people avoid cereals, non veg and sometimes salt also. Special type of food is prepared and lot of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained in the preparation of the food. There is no use of Onion and Garlic. It is believed that fasting cleans one's body and soul. Vrat Food is easy on the digestive system too.

Fasts most commonly known as Upvaas or Vrat are the days when devotees refrain themselves from regular food. Wherein you can eat only restricted number of food items, and at restricted times like Phalahaar (Fruits) or Non-cereal food. Essentially, this means no lentils or grains. Also salt is restricted to Sendha Namak or Rock salt. We have tried to cover various types of recipes which can be allowed in a most of the Vrats like Navratras, Shivratri etc.

Here is collection of some Indian Vrat / Upvas / Fast Recipes.