Tiffin Snacks Recipes

We have a variety of nutritious Tiffin recipes. Tiffin food Tiffin Recipesis generally eaten as lunch and is an important part of daily meal. Children are very particular about tiffin food. We have carefully selected an assortment of tasty and healthy tiffin recipes.

While every Mom wants to pack a tasty lunch box, we also want it to be nutritious. Not a lot to ask for is it? This however, is one task that causes many of us anxiety! Children often come home with half eaten food, simply because they think it's boring! Planning what will go into your kids' lunch box need not be a nightmare. The main creteria for making good food for children is that it should be healthy. But, if it is not delicious your kids would not love to eat. Here are some tasty treats that will have them polishing their food off in no time. Most of them are easy to prepare too.